Case Studies

  • Countertop Crack Repair

    Countertop Crack Repair

    The obvious problem with this countertop: a deep, unsightly crack near the sink


  • Twenty-Year-Old Marble Vanity

    Twenty-Year-Old Marble Vanity

    The twenty-year-old marble vanity in this older New Jersey residence was plagued with etch marks and had lost its shine


  • Travertine Stairs Restored

    Travertine Stairs Restored

    These travertine stairs were damaged with holes from carpet nails and worn in grit and dirt that had ruined the…


  • Travertine Refinishing

    Travertine Refinishing

    Over time, the holes in unfilled travertine trap dirt and other contaminants


  • Travertine Floor Repair

    Travertine Floor Repair

    This travertine floor had developed holes and cracks, and was scratched throughout


  • Travertine Cleaning and Sealing

    Travertine Cleaning and Sealing

    This travertine floor had become hard to clean because over time dirt had become trapped in the natural holes of…


  • Terrazzo Floor Polishing

    Terrazzo Floor Polishing

    There were holes in the floor where previous owners had mounted a temporary wall


  • Slate Floor Refinished

    Slate Floor Refinished

    The unsightly grout lines in this slate floor needed to be stripped, repaired and cleaned


  • Mexican Tile Makeover

    Mexican Tile Makeover

    The coating on this floor had worn away over the years, and was trapping dirt and flaking


  • Marble Vanity Polishing

    Marble Vanity Polishing

    The client's marble vanity top in the bathroom was scarred with etch marks from acid-based toiletries


  • Marble Tabletop Restoration

    Marble Tabletop Restoration

    A major media company called us to restore their marble-top tables, which were broken, chipped and scratched during transport


  • Limestone Lippage Removal

    Limestone Lippage Removal

    This newly-installed limestone had uneven tiles (lippage) and the surface was scuffed and showing tiny scratches


  • Countertop Stain Removal

    Countertop Stain Removal

    The stone countertop in the home's outdoor kitchen was located near the grill and had become stained with grease


  • Broken Marble Repair

    Broken Marble Repair

    The homeowner's vanity top, Negro Marquina marble from China, cracked when someone stood on it


  • Marble Refinishing and Sealing

    Marble Refinishing and Sealing

    The marble floor in the high-traffic center of this home was in need of some professional restoration