Have Your Granite Countertops Looking Like New

Should you have granite countertops in your kitchen that are cracked, chipped or simply looking dull from general wear and tear, it’s time to have them fixed.

When it comes to the restoring of granite, it can be very tricky, but there are several techniques that can be used. If your countertops have any cracks or splitting, they can be filled to look completely natural. If polish has worn off, the granite can be re-polished, and a sealer can be placed on it to provide years of protection.

No matter what the issue with your granite countertops may be, make sure to call on a professional granite restoration company that can handle all your granite repair and restoration needs.

Have cracks & chips fixed

Although granite is a very durable material, it can experience cracking and chipping. If your home’s granite countertops have any chips or have cracked, it’s important to call on a stone restoration company that has years of experience working with granite.

They will be able to fill any chips or cracks and will have your countertops looking better than ever before.

Have regular cleaning & polishing performed

If your countertops don’t have the afore mentioned issues, you may still want them to be maintained on a regular basis to give them a bright, like-new appearance.

Although granite does not typically succumb to scratching, small scratches can still occur. An experienced stone restoration company will be able to remove small, hard-to-identify scratches with diamond grinding techniques and can re-polish any granite that may have developed a dull appearance over time.

Have your granite countertops sealed

Once cracks and chips have been fixed, scratches have been grinded away, and the granite has been re-polished, we suggest having your countertops sealed to protect them against problems in the future.

Having your granite countertops sealed will help prevent these issues from occurring in the future, and with certain color enhancing sealers, can even create a more beautiful appearance for your kitchen.

When you’re interested in having your granite countertops worked on by a professional stone restoration company, we ask that you give our team at Stone Makeover a call.

We assist homeowners throughout New York City and New Jersey with all of their granite countertop needs and promise to have yours looking like new.

Make sure to give our highly trained technicians a call today at (800) 661-7866 to resolve virtually any problem you may have with the granite in your home.


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