Hotel Marble, Onyx, and Tile Restored

  • Professional Tile Cleaning Chester, NY
    This is what the floor looked like when we arrived to the job site. The tile and grout was dirty and discolored.
  • Oil Stained Marble
    Notice the oil stains on this marble sitting ledge.
  • Tile Repair Chester, NY
    The sink base was scuffed and the tile and grout floor was dirty and discolored.
  • Marble Repair Chester, NY
    We removed rust stains on this marble fountain.
  • Tile Restoration Chester, NY
    Notice the dramatic difference our tile and grout deep cleaning services made.
  • Marble Restoration Chester, NY
    We deep cleaned the tile and grout and honed and polished the marble in this high end spa. What a difference!
  • Polished Bar Top
    This bar top was etched and scratched, but we restored its luxurious appearance.
  • Stone Bar Top Restored
    We honed away the damage caused by acidic beverage spills on this bar top and then polished to restored the beautiful finish.
  • Clay Tile Cleaning Chester, NY
    We deep cleaned and sealed this clay tile floor to maintain its beauty and keep this hotel spa impressive.
  • Chester, NY Clay Tile Cleaning
    This Chester, NY hotel spa clay tile floor looks impeccable, thanks to our tile and grout cleaning and sealing services.
  • Clay Tile Cleaned and Sealed
    Clean tile and grout floors help make a positive impression on hotel spa guests.

Marble, Onyx, and Tile Needed Professional Attention

The appearance of the marble, onyx, and tile floors, walls, and surfaces in this high end spa in Chester, NY had diminished with time and use. There were etches, scratches, and oil stains on the marble and onyx, the tiles were dirty, and the grout lines were dark and discolored.

Our Marble, Onyx, and Tile Restoration Process

First, we repaired cracks and damage to the marble fountain by honing away the damage and filling in the cracks with epoxy filler tinted to match the surrounding stone. Once the filler was completely dry, we honed the marble surfaces to remove the signs of wear, and polished to rejuvenate the finish. We deep cleaned the entire area, leaving it fresh and beautiful. We also sealed the marble to inhibit future staining.

For the high-traffic bar top, we honed the onyx to remove etch marks from acidic drinks. Then, we polished the onyx and applied an impregnating sealer.

We deep cleaned and sealed the clay tiles in the hallway and seating area, as well.

Now, this spa is once again a lovely place to socialize, relax, and rejuvenate, away from stress and fatigue.

To learn more, visit our Marble Services page and our Tile and Grout Services page.

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