Travertine Floor Honing and Polishing

  • Dirty Travertine
    This is what the travertine floor looked like when we arrived on the job site. Notice the embedded dirt and dullness.
  • Damaged Travertine Floor
    Spilled acidic beverages and improper cleaners can cause etch marks on travertine, diminishing the elegance of the finish.
  • Travertine Honed and Polished
    We honed the travertine to remove damage and polished it to perfection.
  • Polished Travertine Floors
    Notice the dramatic difference our travertine restoration services make!

Ground In Dirt On Travertine Floor

This travertine floor in Short Hills, New Jersey had lost its elegance. Heavy foot traffic and use had diminished the appearance of this floor. You can clearly see the ground-in dirt, grime and stains in the BEFORE images.

Our Travertine Restoration Processes

Our highly trained technicians can restore all types of natural stone floors but have a wealth of experience working with travertine. First, we honed the travertine to remove the scratches and trapped dirt, revealing the brand new stone underneath. Then, we polished the floor to give it a glossy shine. You can see the reflective qualities of the travertine in the AFTER images. What a difference!

For more information about travertine restoration, visit our Travertine Services page or watch this video.

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