Properly Restore Terrazzo Flooring

Should you own a home with terrazzo flooring that has seen its better days, you have ripped up carpeting and have found terrazzo underneath or you need terrazzo restored for any other reason, there are several techniques that can be used to have your flooring looking like new.

Whether it be fixing chips, cracks and holes, having the flooring properly polished and sealed or anything in between, we suggest calling on a professional today for an exceptional terrazzo restoration that you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family who visit your home.

Have chips, holes & cracks fixed

Should your home’s terrazzo flooring have chips, scratches, holes, cracks or any other surface damage, a professional floor restoration company will have the ability to hone away these issues on the surface layer and create a completely new look from the stone underneath.

When you want your terrazzo flooring to look like it once did, make sure to call on a professional with years of honing experience to have it looking like new.

Have it polished & sealed

Some of the most common restoration services that are performed for terrazzo flooring are polishing and sealing.

Terrazzo was once one of the most popular flooring materials and was commonly installed in homes during the 1950s. It unfortunately fell out of style over the next few decades and many homeowners covered it with carpeting, wood, tile and more.

With terrazzo seeing a surge in popularity in recent years, many homeowners have decided to restore this flooring material when they find it under layers of other flooring.

If you have terrazzo flooring in your home that has been “underground” for decades, we have the ability to clean it up with a detailed polishing and will provide a sealing as well to have it protected for years to come.

Avoid unnecessary coatings

While it is important to have your terrazzo floors polished and sealed, it is essential that this is done using the correct products.

In many instances, homeowners or janitorial staff will place coatings onto terrazzo in an attempt to restore it but will do more harm than good.

These coatings often times do not mesh and can leave a yellow, flaking appearance that will ultimately need to be removed by a professional team.

When you’re ready to have your terrazzo flooring restored and want it done the right way, we ask that you give our team at Stone Makeover a call.

We promise to have your terrazzo flooring properly restored, polished and sealed for a beautiful appearance that will last for years to come.

Should you need these services performed on your residential or commercial property in the New York and New Jersey area, please contact us today at (800) 661-7866 to get started.

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