Properly Restore Your Slate Flooring

If you have slate flooring in your kitchen, dining room or other space, you understand how hard it can be to properly maintain it. Being a natural stone, you have to be careful with the products you use to clean it, and it is always susceptible to chipping and cracking from everyday use.

No matter if the floor has lost its bright appearance over time, has been damaged by cleaning products, or has any chips or cracks, there are several things that can be done to have it restored back to its original condition.

Having your slate floor stripped, sealed, or enhanced with color by a professional floor restoration company will give it the look you’re hoping for and will have it looking like new for years to come.

Have the floor stripped to remove cleaning products

One of the most effective restoration techniques used for slate flooring is stripping. With this method, any cleaning products and finishes such as waxes and soap residue can be removed, revealing the natural stone that has been hidden underneath.

Add a color enhancer for a fresh look

If you have a slate floor that features colors other than grey, a color enhancer is a great tool for getting these colors to “pop” once again, showing off the unique design of the slate as it was intended.

A color enhancer is ideal for slate floors that have a hue of brown, yellow, green, purple, red or blue.

Consider sealing for long-lasting restoration

Once the slate has been cleaned and the original colors have been restored, it’s important to ensure that the floor keeps its new look. This can be achieved with a floor sealer.

When the floor is sealed, it will not only help maintain its appearance by protecting against stains and cleaning products, but it can leave a wet-look finish that has the floor looking like new.

When you need the slate floor in your home or business restored, we ask that you call on our experienced floor restoration team at Stone Makeover.

We have been assisting with the restoration of natural stone, including slate, for many years and promise to provide you with a floor you will be proud of.

For more information on our slate restoration services, we ask that you give us a call today at (800) 661-7866.

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