Marble & Limestone Polishing & Restoration

We know marble.

If you have marble floors, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops or shower walls that have become stained, etched, scratched, or lost their shine and beauty, you may be thinking about replacing them.

Pay a lot to replace it. Pay a lot less to restore it.

The choice is yours. Restoration is significantly less costly yet every bit as effective as replacement.

With time, use, or improper maintenance, the elegance of marble and limestone will inevitably diminish. Professional marble and limestone restoration services are a cost-effective way to achieve dramatically impressive results — marble and limestone that looks like it was just installed.

The highly trained technicians at Stone Makeover can repair, refinish, protect, seal and restore your marble to look as good or better than the day it was installed.

Our marble and limestone services include:

  • Etch removal: Also known as "water spots," etching is chemical damage due to acidic substances coming into contact with the stone
  • Refinishing: Honing and/or polishing to restore or change the finish
  • Lippage removal: Leveling out uneven tiles
  • Crack repair: Our process virtually erases cracks
  • Chip repair: We fill in the gap to match the surrounding area and hone it smooth
  • Sealing: Inhibits future staining
  • Stain removal: Our poulticing methods can remove most stains

We can restore the satin/matte or polished finish of your marble and limestone floors and surfaces so that they will once again "wow" your family, guests, or patrons. Periodic maintenance services will ensure your marble and limestone stays looking great all the time.

Care and Maintenance

At Stone Makeover we not only provide marble and limestone repair and restoration services, we are committed to educating our customers on the proper care and maintenance of natural stone floors, countertops, and other surfaces.

Download and share our complimentary Stone and Tile Care Guide. Make use of our full line of stone-safe products to maintain the beautifully restored appearance of your marble and limestone.

Did you know?

Marble is generally a softer stone, some harder, some softer, that comes in an array of gorgeous colors with a variety of beautiful veining. Your marble restoration needs depend on location and use — floors, walls, countertops, vanities or shower walls.

For marble floor polishing and other marble and limestone repair and restoration services throughout the New York and New Jersey  areas, contact us online or call (800) 661-7866 today!
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