Terrazzo Polishing & Restoration

Terrazzo made to look amazing

What's your terrazzo story? Are you the owner or property manager of a commercial or retail space with terrazzo floors? Are you a homeowner surprised to discover terrazzo beneath another surface?

Terrazzo problems

If you are the owner or property manager of a commercial or retail space with terrazzo floors, you are probably already aware that any flooring subject to high-traffic can quickly lose its appeal and become dull, scratched, and dirty-looking.

Terrazzo is often improperly maintained by janitorial services that use coatings to achieve a shine that only lasts a short while. The coatings have to be completely removed and replaced as often as every three months in order for the floor to remain presentable. Inevitably, the coatings are not completely removed, and with each passing maintenance undertaking, the floor ends up looking worse and worse. The coatings become yellowed, flake, get scratched, and trap dirt, leaving the sparkling specks of marble that make terrazzo pop buried under an ugly mess.

Terrazzo solutions

The good news is that terrazzo, when properly restored and maintained, is one of the best types of flooring to have in restaurants, stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, and bustling business environments. Stone Makeover provides expert terrazzo restoration and maintenance services so your terrazzo floors can continually look beautiful and new with minimal effort.

Turn your buried terrazzo into buried treasure.

With adhesives from carpet or tile, holes from carpet tacks or nails, ugly stains, unsightly cracks and chips, or other damage, old terrazzo may look like a hopeless cause. Before you cover that terrazzo again, let us get our hands on it. Stone Makeover's highly trained technicians can do amazing work with terrazzo.

We know terrazzo

Whether your terrazzo has been covered for years or your existing terrazzo floor has become dull and lifeless, let our technicians perform their magic. By repairing chips, holes, cracks, and other damage, honing away the scuffed and scratched surface layer to reveal the brand new stone underneath, and then polishing to a brilliant shine, we can make your terrazzo look like new again. We can also apply an impregnating sealer to help inhibit stains.

If you are a commercial or retail property owner or manager, ask us to create a personalized schedule for periodic maintenance. Janitorial services simply cannot achieve the same results as a company that specializes in terrazzo restoration and maintenance. Your properly maintained terrazzo can help create a positive professional impression for your business.

Did you know?

Once purposely hidden and covered with carpeting and other surfaces as it fell out of favor, terrazzo, the staple floor of the 1950s is making a huge comeback. And why not? Terrazzo adds such a cool, distinct design element that simultaneously offers both an elegant and retro vibe. Plus, it fits the new green mantra of sustainability: Terrazzo is extremely easy to care for and can last for generations.

For terrazzo floor polishing, terrazzo repair and restoration, or terrazzo floor maintenance services throughout the New York and New Jersey areas, contact us online or call (800) 661-7866 today!
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