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Tile & Grout Repairs

Your Tile and Grout Transformed

Have you resigned to the fact that, unless you replace your tile and grout floor, your grout will always be dark, stained or discolored?

We have great news for you. We can deep clean your tile and grout, removing dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants. Do you have missing or broken grout or tiles? We can perform minor repairs such as replacing missing or damaged tiles and grout. In the right hands, most tile and grout floors can look spectacular once again. And don't even get us started on the difference grout color sealing can make.

Grout Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning is absolutely essential to having clean, sanitized tile and grout floors. Grout is porous, which means that virtually anything that comes in contact with the grout penetrates into the pores and accumulates, leaving you with dirty and unsanitary grout lines — no matter how often or how aggressively you clean.

Sometimes cleaning can actually aggravate the problem, because dirty mop water lays in the grout lines, dries, and attaches itself to the grout.

Grout can also become stained from the bottom up by the substrate. Even the most aggressive cleaning methods will not totally clean these stains.

Stone Makeover provides professional cleaning services for your natural, ceramic and porcelain tiled floors, shower walls, and other surfaces. We are experts at deep cleaning and sanitizing tile and grout lines.


Once contaminants are extracted from your tile and grout floors with our professional tile and grout cleaning services, we highly recommend you take advantage of our grout sealing service.

We can seal your grout with the highest quality sealer available for protection, restoring it back to its original color and leaving you with a clean and fresh look that is much easier to maintain.

Grout Color Sealing

Don’t like the color of your grout? Does your grout have permanent stains? Does your grout have a blotchy appearance due to improper installation? Grout color sealing may be the solution you are looking for. Grout color sealing services are very much in demand and for good reason.

Stone Makeover can change the color of your grout to any color you want and give your floors a completely different look. Plus, color sealing actually prevents staining and discoloring, which plagues most grouts.

The benefits of color sealing go far beyond what you can see.

Unlike clear sealer that coats the grout’s surface, color sealer actually fills all the pores and inhibits the growth of bacteria with constant-acting mildewcides, making your living or working environment more healthy and sanitary than floors without grout color sealing.

Download and share our complimentary Stone and Tile Care Guide for information about how to clean and care for the tile and grout throughout your home.

For professional tile and grout repair, cleaning, sealing, and color sealing services throughout the New York and New Jersey areas, contact us online or call (800) 661-7866 today!
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