Travertine Restoration & Repair

Don't replace your travertine.

Tell us about your travertine issues. Stone Makeover technicians can restore your travertine to look like new again.

Some of our customers have owned travertine for years and understand that it's a special kind of natural stone with its own unique advantages and problems. But if you are unfamiliar with travertine, it's especially important that you keep reading.

We have the solution for virtually any problem you are experiencing with your travertine — even holes and cracks.

Holes in travertine

Travertine is unique in that it naturally has holes, which are filled or unfilled depending on the owner's preference. Some like the rustic, outdoorsy look of unfilled travertine; others, not so much.

Filled travertine

If holes are not your thing, we can fill them for you and then give your travertine a velvety-smooth or glossy finish. From time to time, filled holes become exposed. We can easily refill them and blend the filled area with the surrounding finish.

Unfilled travertine

For unfilled travertine, dirt and grime will inevitably get trapped in the holes. We can provide deep cleaning services to remove embedded soils, improving its cleanliness and appearance but preserving its untamed elegance.

Travertine problems and our solutions

Whether filled or unfilled, travertine is subject to subtle forms of damage, such as a dull, dingy-looking surface or light etches and scratches, and more severe damage such as cracks, chips, or deep etches and scratches. We can resolve almost any travertine problem, repairing travertine cracks and chips and honing to remove travertine etching and scratching. We can refinish your travertine to restore its satin/matte finish or give it a glass-like polish.

Complete travertine services

Other travertine services include sealing, enhancing, or changing your current finish to the finish of your choice. Regardless of finish type, your travertine needs to be cared for and will, from time to time, need maintenance. Stone Makeover technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning, honing, polishing and sealing travertine. We can make your travertine look like new and keep it looking that way with periodic restoration services.

Did you know?

Travertine, a type of limestone, is one of the most versatile and unique natural stones. Travertine is used on facades, wall claddings, fireplace surrounds, floors and in showers. And because travertine is essentially made from water, naturally created by hard water deposits, it’s great for a wet environment like a bathroom shower.

For travertine floors, shower walls, and more, we provide travertine repair and refinishing services throughout the New York and New Jerseyareas. Contact us online or call (800) 661-7866 today!
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