Tips for Repairing Limestone

Limestone is one of the most popular natural stones for homeowners throughout the United States, as it requires little maintenance and looks great in any type of home. It is also an extremely versatile stone that can be used for floors, countertops, showers, outdoor tabletops and more.

While it is known for being durable and requiring little maintenance, there are times when it will require a small repair or two for etching, scratches and other issues associated with general wear and tear.

In this blog we will discuss a few tips for repairing the limestone in your home when it experiences these or any other issues.

Try Etch Remover Paste

Being a calcite-based stone, limestone is vulnerable to etching. Etching appears when acidic substances such as tomatoes, wine, soda, vinegar come into contact with the limestone in your home, leaving a white-ish, dull mark that resembles a water-glass ring.

In some instances, when the etching isn’t overly pronounced, you can remove it yourself with a mild etch remover paste. When etching is more noticeable or is on a honed (non-reflective) surface, it is recommended to call upon a professional stone restoration team to have it effectively removed.

Blot Mineral Oil into Scratches

Limestone is also a soft stone, making it susceptible to scratches. Knives, other sharp utensils and appliances can leave scratches on limestone with relative ease.

If your precious limestone has smaller scratches and you’d like to fix them on your own, you can try blotting mineral oil on to them. If the limestone is lightly colored, honed or polished, you can also use super fine sandpaper, working your way up to finer and finer grits until the smaller scratches disappear.

Should your limestone surfaces have larger, deeper scratches, you will again need to seek the help of a professional stone restoration team.

Call Stone Makeover

When the etching or scratches in your home’s limestone cannot be fixed on your own, we ask that you reach out to our expert team at Stone Makeover.

Assisting homeowners throughout the New York and New Jersey area, we will be honored to come to your home to clean and restore limestone to a like-new appearance.

No matter how deep or pronounced the issues may be, we have more than likely seen them in the past and will be able to handle them with great efficiency.

For more information or to schedule any restoration services, we invite you to call us today at 800-661-7866 to get started.

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