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Chemical damage to marble floor

I was contemplating ripping up a marble tile floor recently put down because a bottle of cleaner with bleach in it spilled, dulled and etched the tile. I got mixed reactions from contractors who wanted to replace portions of the floor to livi g with the damaged floor. I found Stone Makeover through their web page. I explain the problem in detail and supplied photos to them . I was amazed with the work that was done on my floor. It went from dull to gleaming. Friendly,professional,and courteous .

By William Crowley, Staten Island

Natural Stone Floor Maintenance

Do you have marble, granite, travertine, or other natural stone floors in your commercial or retail property? Did you know that with our professional natural stone floor maintenance services, you're guaranteed to NEVER have to pay for restoration services again? This video explains this valuable service by Stone Makeover.

Looking for commercial floor maintenance services in New Jersey, New York, or Palm Beach? Contact us online or call (800) 661-7866 today to discuss your needs.