What Causes Grout to Turn Yellow?

Look around your showers or flooring and you may notice a yellow tinge to your grout. This is something that obviously needs to be fixed, but the only way to do so is if you find out the root cause first.

There are several things that could cause your grout to turn yellow. Here are some of the most common:


  • Toiletries such as shampoos or soaps often contain chemicals that can cause discoloration. This discoloration will appear in the grout.
  • Body Oils from the skin or hair causes discoloration in your clothes, tiles, and your grout.
  • Sealers and Waxes contain polymers that can cause yellowing over time.
  • Grout Type can also be a factor, as some grouts are more susceptible to yellowing than others.
  • Cleaning Products such as bleach or those that contain dyes and polymers are often the culprit of discoloration.
  • Iron is found in our water supply, and over time those iron mineral can oxidize and cause yellowing in your grout.
  • Dirty Water contains oils, dirt, and other contaminants which may turn your grout yellow. Always make sure that you are washing your floors with clean, fresh water.
  • Cigarette Smoke carries contaminants that will settle on the floors and in your grout, turning them yellow. If someone in your household is a smoker, they may be the reason your grout is yellow.
  • Aerosol Sprays such as hairspray and air fresheners may contain dyes or polymers that will discolor your grout.
  • Bleed Over is when iron from certain tiles (typically white marble) bleed into the grout, resulting in a yellowish tinge.

To learn more about what could be causing your grout to turn yellow (and what you can do about it), contact Stone Makeover today.

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