Why Hire a Professional for Bathroom Tile Restoration?

Whether it’s been years since the last time you’ve cleaned the tile flooring in your bathroom or you’ve made several unsuccessful attempts at giving your bathroom’s tile a deep clean, we suggest hiring a professional flooring company to restore your floors to a like-new condition.

When you hire a professional, you will not only be ensuring all tile and grout are free of dirt, grime and other contaminants, but that each tile will be properly leveled, and that grout will be sealed for long-term protection.

For long-lasting tile that looks great and is easy to maintain, make sure to call on an expert for all your restoration needs.

Tile & grout will be properly cleaned

One of the most common misconceptions about tile and grout is that they can be easily maintained. Even if you believe you’re taking great care of your tile flooring, you can be doing it more harm than good.

Not only are many standard cleaning products unsuccessful at removing pesky dirt and grime, but dirty household mops can leave behind contaminants in grout.

To avoid this, it is essential to call upon a professional floor restoration company that has the tools and experience to remove all dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants from your bathroom’s floor.

Uneven tiles will be fixed

If you installed the tile in your bathroom yourself or hired a flooring company that did an unsatisfactory job, an experienced flooring team will be able to have your uneven tiles looking as they should in no time.

They have the tools and expertise to grind down any uneven tiles, leaving you with a completely leveled floor. When you want to remove this eye sore and potential tripping hazard from your bathroom, make sure to have the work done by a professional team.

Grout will be sealed

Once all tiles and grout are properly cleaned, a sealant can be placed over the grout that will provide years of protection and make it much easier to maintain.

If you’re hoping to change the color of the grout in your bathroom to better match your tile, there are color grout sealers available as well that will provide your floor with a completely different look.

When you’re interested in restoring the tile in your home’s bathroom and are looking for a professional team to handle the job, we ask that you think of us at Stone Makeover.

We’ve proudly offered exceptional tile restoration services to those throughout New York City and New Jersey for many years and look forward to assisting at your home soon.

Whether your tile flooring and grout needs a deep cleaning, tiles need to be leveled out or anything in between, we ask that you call us at (800) 661-7866 to get started.

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